Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday, June 30, 2014 - Week 77

Mom and Dad,

Things sure are warming up here in the land of the rising sun!  It's starting to feel like summer in Japan!  The relentless heat and humidity which seems to attack you no matter where you happen to be.  I love feeling sticky and hot all the time!

Hashimoto Choro is from Saitama.  I'm pretty sure it's up north somewhere.  It's been great working with him so far.  He's adjusting to Missionary Life and learning like a champ.  He also really wants to learn English, so he's working hard at that too.

Haven't had a chance to meet Welch Kaicho yet, but we'll be meeting him this Thursday in Okayama.  It'll be fun because a lot of missionaries will be staying at the old honbu (mission home) there the night before, so I'll get to see a lot of other missionaries too.  After this week is over, President Welch will be doing interviews by Zone, so I should get another chance to talk to him in another week or two.

It's been fun being a district leader again.  My district has 12 missionaries right now, so I'm calling 2 people each night for follow-ups.  It's really a great opportunity for me to learn and grow where I have the chance to interact with so many missionaries.  This last Friday we had a district meeting as well, it was fun and spiritually satisfying to plan and conduct a district meeting again.  I've learned a lot and changed a lot since I was a district leader last year, and so it's nice to have a chance to see the progress I've been able to make.  The same goes with being a trainer and white-washing an are - I feel like I learned plenty of lessons last time and I've been able to learn from my experiences.

I love you!

Elder Kyle Hutchings