Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday, July 7, 2014 - Week 78

Mom and Dad,

Been a bit rainy the past few days.  It's been nice - the temperatures have cooled off a bit.  It's still summer in Japan, though.  Hot and humid.  Also, I'm getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.

The meet the President taikai (conference) was great.  President and Sister Welch are very loving and fun people.  He's fluent in Japanese - they've lived in Japan for quite a while.  He's been the head of Novell in Japan for quite a few years.  It's exciting to have the opportunity to learn from him.  Something else very exciting that he said was that before the end of this year we'll be getting iPad mini's to start using for dendo (missionary work).  I'm not sure when exactly, or really anything on the details, but it's sure an exciting prospect.

Otherwise my companion and I are still just chugging along here in Matsue.  Things are going great.  It's great to see how much he's learning and growing, and it's fun to be apart of the beginning of his mission.  It was a bit strange spending the 4th of July in an apartment with 3 Ni Hon Jin (Japanese).  But I got a video of all of us singing the National Anthem.  It's really quite entertaining - I wish I could send it but I forgot my SD converter.  If I can I'll send it next week.

Oh, if I can make an o-negai (request), I'm going to need some more contacts soon.  The pair I'm using right now should last me this month, and then after that I've only got one more pair.  If you could send me some more it would be much appreciated.

Crazy to hear about all of the changes going on with the house.  It's also crazy to hear how Marisa is growing up and stuff.

Sorry this e-mail is a bit short, really not much new to report.  Love you!

Elder Kyle Hutchings