Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday, June 23, 2014 - Week 76

Mom and Dad,

All went well with transfers.  I did have to take a good chunk of money out of personal funds to make it to Kobe then to Matsue.  Matsue is pretty far out.  It was about a 4.5 hour bus ride from Kobe.  It was definitely hard leaving Toyooka because I love the members there and there were a lot of stronger investigators coming up out of the wood works.  It's a bit strange now being in a different area.

Matsue is quite a bit more Tokai than Toyooka.  It's not full of people, but it's got a college or two and I haven't seen many rice fields around.  The apartment is right next door to the church.  You can see the church looking outside of the front window.  It's very convenient!  My trainee is Ni Hon Jin!  His name is Hashimoto Choro.  He's 18, and a nice fellow.  I haven't taken a picture with him yet, but I'll be sure to this next week and send it in my next e-mail.  It's kind of nice that I don't have to worry about teaching him Japanese.  He's been doing all right with dendo so far, and I'm hoping I can help him learn many of the things I have so far.  Our apartment is a 4nin, and the other companionship are both Ni Hon Jin as well.  I'm the only gaijin in the apartment!  It's fun because I learn a lot of Japanese, and I get to be as weird and gaijin as I want.

These last couple of days we attended Stake conference in a neighboring area.  It was fun and a very good experience.  A bit sad though, that we didn't have as much time to start dendo-ing in our area.

Zinke Kaicho is going to be packing up and leaving this weekend.  Welch Kaicho should be coming in on Friday.  Next week he'll be going around the mission and doing some Meet The President conferences.  I'm excited to meet him, and to learn from him.

On Thursday the mother of the kid we baptized last week took my companion and I and her sons to the beach in Toyooka.  We played on the rocks and then talked about the Gift of the Holy Ghost on the car ride home.  It was fun and very good.

I'm way excited to start digging in to rely on the Lord and start digging in to this new area.

Elder Kyle Hutchings