Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday, June 16, 2014 - Week 75

Mom and Dad,

I'm transferring!  Headed to a place called Matsue.  I'm going to be whitewashing it, becoming a District Leader and trainer.  Just like what happened to me in my 4th transfer last year, except this time I've got a bit more experience.  I feel much more confident in my ability to rely on the Lord and work with the Spirit.  Should be fun!  It's nice because I'll get to see Zinke Kaicho one last time before he goes.

Because I'm going to be transferring I'm not going to take too much time to write, but I would like to share a couple of things that  happened this week.

This last week President & Sister Zinke did a Bye-Bye taikai (conference).  They went around to every zone and shared some parting thoughts and such.  It was really more FHE-esque than a taikai.  I was translating the whole time, so I didn't necessarily get to take notes, pay attention to what was being said, or relax in the nice setting, but it was good.

This last week on Wednesday we received a call from a Sister in the branch saying that her 10 year old son (one of our investigators) wanted to get baptized the next Sunday.  We had only had a chance to teach this kid once or twice, and we weren't thinking he was going to be progressing fast.  But, as it were, he wanted to get baptized, and so we took on the endeavor of very simply helping him understand the doctrines and principles needed to receive baptism.  We taught him, helped him, he was interviewed, and baptized yesterday.  There's plenty of other details I'd like to share, but I have to go pack so I'm just going to sum it all up by saying: I just work here.  Seriously.  I just work, do my best, be obedient, and the Lord lines things up.

Elder Kyle Hutchings