Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday, November 3, 2014 - Week 95

Mom and Dad,
Working here in Sekime is a lot of fun.  Elder Eberhard has been awesome enough to go running with me.  We run through the park not too far from our apartment and he brings a jump-rope to use while I do pull-ups and dips.  This last week has been full of good things to do and I really feel like I've been able to effectively fulfill my purpose to invite others to come unto Christ.  Every Monday a brother in our ward from Africa named Brother Usman holds a family home evening.  Basically all that we do is get together with some ward members and investigators and read together from the Book of Mormon then we eat food.  It was so fun this last week, and there was such a sweet Spirit there.   On Wednesday I taught the kids class in Eikaiwa.  There are so many people who come to Eikaiwa here!  It's awesome!  I had a lot of fun just being crazy and trying to teach all the little kids English.
I've been thinking a lot this last week about love and repentance.  It's been interesting and educational having a chance to serve as missionary.  I've really come to see how the Gospel and the example of Jesus Christ are so necessary to have any sort of meaningful influence on other people.  When you are full of love for others and patiently and kindly teach and invite them, then you can effectively help others repent and come closer to the Savior.  At the same time, when you have a love for Jesus Christ and truly believe in His power, you personally will not hesitate to make the necessary changes in your life to draw unto Him.  When people know they are loved and understood, they are much more willing to accept an invitation to draw unto Him.  The Gospel truly works for anything and any situation in life.
I love being a missionary.  I love life!

Elder Kyle Hutchings