Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday, November 24, 2014 - Week 98

Mom and Dad,
It's strange that you mention Lilia's birthday party.  Do you remember 2 years ago how just before we ran out the door to go to Lilia's party I opened my mission call?  Crazy to think it's already been two years since that night.
It's strange to think that this week is my last week as a missionary.  It's looking like a busy week.  We've got appointments with two people we found last week, a meal appointment with an investigator and a member, I have a Leadership training meeting to attend on Tuesday, an Eikaiwa Activity on Saturday, etc.  We've been keeping pretty busy all along, but this week is looking particularly full.
This last week we attended a Zone Conference in Kyoto.  It was great to see President and Sister Welch and the Assistants (one of which is my dear Hoshino Choro).  I sat with Elder Asai and we switched off translating every 30 minutes of the meeting.  It was strange getting up at the end of the meeting to bear my last testimony (which Asai Choro translated) and then translating Elder Asai's testimony.
I still haven't slowed down yet, nor do I intend to slow down at all.  Sorry this is a short one again, I've got to get a few things taken care of before next week.
I love you,
Elder Kyle Hutchings