Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday, May 26, 2014 - Week 72

Mom and Dad,

This last Saturday listening to Elder Christofferson was excellent.  We all got to shake his hand before the meeting.  It's interesting looking at Elder Christofferson.  When he first walked into the room, my thought was, "If I didn't know he is an Apostle of the Lord, I would probably just think and feel like he's the most pleasant person I've ever seen or met."  He is a True Disciple of Jesus Christ.  He is full of charity, love, power, and authority.  He, his wife, and Elder and Sister Aoyagi spoke.  It was so lovely and inspiring - the feel was almost temple-like.  One of the things Christofferson Choro said which impressed me the most, was that the Lord approves of us.  We as a mission are doing well, and that the Lord is pleased with what we are doing.  Just keep going.

A little while ago we ran into a brother from Nepal in the eki.  We switched numbers with him, and then we set up an appointment to meet him yesterday.  He told us he had a friend from New Zealand who also wanted to meet with us.  We met at the McDonalds next to the church and chatted for a bit, then we walked over to the church, showed them around and started talking.  It was the strangest thing - I was teaching people in English.  They weren't Japanese either, so cultural quirks and gaps in understanding that I'm used to having to maneuver around and break through in order to teach effectively weren't there.  It turned out to be a really good lesson, though and they both want to meet again.  It was just weird, though, teaching in English.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that I fell off my bike last week.   We were on our way home and not just a block or two away from our house.  The chain decided it would be a good idea to come from the big third gear to half-way on the first little gear and off the gear while I was pedaling. It jolted the bike, I fell down and the bike was on top of me and it cheese grated me against the road for a good 2-3 meters or so. I got some pretty nasty road burn on my left side, but it's been healing up all right.  The worst part of it all is that my pants are hashed and my white shirt got blood on it. Sometimes, stuff just happens in life. I love dendo.

Just a heads up, I've been taking out a bit more money lately so that I can get to taikais and still eat and stuff.  Sorry!

Elder Kyle Hutchings