Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday, May 5, 2014 - Week 69

Mom and Dad,

So guess what?  I'm not transferring!  I'm going to be sticking around in Toyooka for a 6th transfer.  By the time this transfer ends I'll have been here for about 9 months.  But I love this place, I love the branch, I love the area, and I trust that this is where God wants me to be.  I also love my companion to death.  Nelson Choro and I are working hard and having way too much fun!

This last week went incredibly fast and was incredibly good.  We had MLC in Kobe on Tuesday, and then did a Zone Training Meeting on Friday.  It was such a good ZTM.  Nelson Choro and I are really focusing on getting everybody pumped up and doing more to point out the good that everybody is doing.  We're really trying to help everybody feel good and confident.  Another thing about ZTM that went incredibly well is that we were able to just show and teach everybody what we've been doing in our own area and such.  We've been working hard and doing all we can to work smart too, and as such we've been able to set an example for our Zone.  They all trust us and were way willing to listen to what we had to share.  Another part of ZTM we did was teaching everybody how to feel good while you dendo.  If I had more time I'd share more of the details of what we taught, but the spirit was strong in the meeting.  Overall, it just felt way good.  As we've been calling everybody in the Zone to follow-up on the meeting, everybody has said that it was just what they needed to hear.  It's so comforting to know that the Lord loves His children so much that He would work through my companion and I to help them.

It's way exciting to hear that Marisa got asked to prom!  I hope she has a good time!  It's crazy to think that May is already here.  It's also crazy to think that this will be Zinke Kaicho's last transfer.

I love dendo and I love life!

Elder Kyle Hutchings

April Mission Leadership Council - Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders