Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday, May 12, 2014 - Week 70

Mom and Dad,

Good to hear from all of you.  Nice to hear that everybody is still alive and genki.

Loved Marisa's prom pictures.  Looked like she had a good time.  I noticed that the truck is still there in one of the pictures you took of her.  I figured you would have destroyed it by now.  Ma, iinn janai.

I'll send a few pictures.  Love you all!

-Elder Kyle Hutchings

Sakura in Toyooka.

We met a guy this last week who's way cool.  He used to live in Toyooka and is 19.  He lives in a different area, but was visiting Toyooka so we had a lesson with him.  He's pretty much just waiting until he's 20 so that he can get baptized without his parents' permission.  He built this bike.  Including the design and painting.

The gyoza, spaghetti...feast.

Nelson Choro and I bought some ridiculous half-pants.  We're the bomb.

One time I also may have accidentally broken a chair at Eikaiwa this last week.