Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday, September 8, 2014 - Week 87

Mom and Dad,

It's hard to believe that it's transfers week again.  Hashimoto Choro and I will both be hanging around in Matsue for another transfer.  Something that made me smile to see is that my old trainee and companion Elder Baldwin is going to be my Zone Leader this transfer.  I'm excited to have the chance to work with him again.

We've been working hard and things have been going well in Matsue.  3 of our investigators have committed to be baptized.  We're excited to continue working with and helping them.

We went over to a member family's house for dinner last night.  It was fun.  I threw a picture on.  Their youngest daughter is going to be leaving for the MTC next week, and their youngest son recently received his mission call to Australia.  They've got plenty of dendo fire and they help us out in so many ways.

Things have cooled down a little bit in Matsue.  Yesterday and today the skies have been clear and sunny, and it's looking like it'll be clearer this week.  Most of the time it's overcast and/or rainy in Matsue, so it's pleasant to have some sunshine and blue skies.

Lately I've been feeling a bit tired, stressed and just not myself.  I went on a companion exchange this last Saturday which proved to be very helpful.  I went with Elder Casper.  Elder Casper is my senpai (senior) by 1 transfer, so we knew each other in the MTC.  We've come to be pretty good friends as our missions have gone on.  As I was talking with him he gave me some good advice, and I've been led to re-evaluate a few things.  Above all else though, I've been thinking about the quality of my prayers.  The quality of your prayers have quite a big influence on just about all aspects of your life.  In order to understand what is true and correct in this life and in existence, you need to draw close to Heavenly Father.  God is either there, or He is not.  Answers to prayers are either truly from Him, or they are not.  How comforting and sweet it is to know that God is indeed there and He answers prayers.  In helping others draw closer to Him and receive answers to their prayers, it is so important that we ourselves draw closer to Him and receive answers to our prayers.  God's love is beautiful and is something that all can feel if they are willing to put their pride down and test Him.

Elder Kyle Hutchings