Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday, September 15, 2014 - Week 88

Mom and Dad,
This last week was really really good.  I can't even put my finger on why, it was just a really good week.  Hashimoto長老 and I have been having plenty of fun out dendo-ing.  He's been working hard to learn English, and he's getting pretty good.  

This last week there were a few things that happened that were just funny that I thought I might share.  First of all yesterday we were knocking on peoples' doors and contacting.  The usual sorts of things - really nice people will probably become investigators, people who say kekko (no thanks), really nice grandmas, and people who are interested in English class.  We come to a house that has 2 cars parked beside it and ring the door bell.  Out of nowhere, we hear "What the heck are you doing?!  They're not home!  Nobody is there!"  We turn around to see an elderly gentleman with an angry look on his face leaning out of the window of the house next door.  We just said "Okay.  Thanks!"  and tried not to laugh as we walked away.  That sort of thing has happened to me so many times.  I don't understand what warrants that kind of reaction.  There's absolutely not reason to be angry or tell us off of his next-door neighbor's doorstep.

A day or two ago as we were headed back to our apartment around 8:30, we were riding our bikes across a bridge next to the eki (train station).  The bridge comes down to an intersection, which was stopped the way we were going and there were some people standing facing the other side of the street waiting to cross.  Among those people there were 3 kids.  One boy about 11, his little sister who was shorter than him, and one a really little brother.  I thought, "What on earth are those 3 kids doing out so late?  I know Japan's a safe place, but really?  What are their parents thinking?"  Just as the thought crosses my mind, little sister turns to the side to say something to big brother and I see her face.  Oh...hi mom.  Japanese people look so much younger than they are - especially from behind!  They're so little!

Today while we were in a shop, a lady walked up to me and said, "Hey, you should go talk to my son over there.  He went to Australia and wants to speak English with someone."  So I went and talked to him.  He's way cool, we switched numbers, and he'll very likely come to Eikaiwa tomorrow.  You never know when the opportunity will be given to you to help or serve someone.

I am so excited for General Conference!  It's hard to believe that we're already drawing near to that time of year.  This transfer is going to be pretty busy with meetings and such.  Next week Elder Ringwood is going to be visiting our mission.  The week following that there's probably going to be a ZTM.  After that week we'll watch General Conference, and the week following is going to be Stake Conference which we have to travel a few hours for the Saturday meeting and then about an hour for the Sunday meeting.

I love life and I love dendo!

Elder Kyle Hutchings