Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday, July 14, 2014 - Week 79

Mom and Dad,

Things are going okay in Matsue.  Coming in on a whitewash, the investigator situation wasn't the greatest.  We've dropped quite a few of the investigators and have been focusing on finding.  We've been working hard, way hard.  Not much has been happening, but we're still confident that if we keep faithful and work diligently, it will pay off.  We've already got a few appointments with potential investigators for this next week.  It's been great to see the leaps and bounds of progress that my companion is making as a new missionary.

It's still been hot and humid.  We've had a good few rainy days as well - the members said the rainy season should break about July 25th for around where we are.  I've been making sure to drink plenty of water.  There are also quite a few little candies in Japan that are designed for athletes, etc. to supply electrolytes, so I make sure to always have a few of those on hand and eat those throughout the day as well.

This last week I've felt humbled at the great opportunities that I have to serve.  Lately I've been turned to remember the great blessings that I have as a missionary.  I feel so privileged and blessed to have opportunities to serve as a trainer and a District Leader.  The priesthood is definitely a power that is to be used in the service of God's children and blesses and enriches the lives of those for whom it is used, and those who bear it.  I'm grateful for the Holy Ghost which prompts me to do things that I wouldn't know is the right thing to do.

I love being a missionary.  I'm grateful for all of the prayers and support that I receive.  It's unfortunate to hear that Sister Christiansen's father passed away, and that Brother Lewis passed on as well.  But what great comfort it is to know that the separation is temporary - the sorrow and loneliness doesn't last forever.  What a great motivation it is to carry on in faith and endure well to the end - so that we can all meet again at the last day.  I'll make sure to remember them in my prayers.

Elder Kyle Hutchings

P.S.  If there's one other thing I could o-negai in the package it would be toothpaste.  I'm good and probably will be okay on everything else for here on out.

The picture is one of the lake right next to the city.  I took it from a building that I went to to do some service helping out an English class