Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday, September 2, 2013 - Week 34

Hi Mom and Dad,
Things around here have been a bit cooler as of late.  We've been getting some rain the past few days and it's felt pretty nice.
This last week has been fun and a great one!  One of our Zone Leaders last transfer became one of the Assistants to the President this transfer, as such he had to go to the Honbu last Monday.  Because of that we worked with the other Zone Leader, Elder Kato, as a san-nin (3 some) this past week.  We ended up going to his area, Senri, and working there from Tuesday to Friday morning.  It was a lot of fun working with him, and it was an excellent experience getting to learn from him.
The sister who was going to be baptized this last Sunday didn't end up being able to make it through.  We weren't able to arrange for her to get a baptismal interview (with the Zone Leaders since I'm District Leader) and she still doesn't feel ready.  We're hopefully going to meet with her again this week and we plan to set a baptismal date with her that she is committed to.
Things are going well in this area otherwise.  We're focusing a lot on finding new investigators right now, because a lot of our other investigators are not really investigating.  The language is coming along bit by bit.  The sister's area in our district became a Yon-nin (4 some) and one of the new sisters to the area is Nihonjin, so hopefully having her around will help out with the language too.  I am enjoying the work I'm doing.  There are so many experiences I have - from crazy and drunk people on the street, to tender mercies of the Lord I see all around - so everyday is enjoyable and an incredible learning opportunity.  Elder Baldwin is doing incredible, and he is for sure on track to be training in the next transfer or two.
I'm in good health and I'm definitely having fun!  Thanks again for the package!  Cinnamon gum o taberu no wa hisashiburi desu! (long time since I've had cinnamon gum)
Elder Kyle Hutchings