Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday, September 16, 2013 - Week 36

Mom and Dad,

Crazy to hear about how much rain you've been getting in Utah. Things have been mostly sunny this last week, but they haven't been as ridiculously hot as before. We had a typhoon move in yesterday so it rained all of yesterday and the wind was blowing way hard this morning. The clouds have broken up for today, but it's still windy. Fun to hear about the Homecoming game and the band and to see the pictures. Glad to hear everything went okay with Grandma Ingrid as well. I'm sorry to hear about Brother O'Brien. Nathan Anderson and Miranda Porter are engaged? What splendid news!

About the package, I'd love some Nutella. I am able to buy it occassionally, but only from the Honbu (mission home), which I normally don't go to the Honbu that often. Other than that, I'm not in any particular need or want of anything right now. Will Sister Hansen's dad be taking it with him then sending it in Japan? If that's the case, the Mission Office requests that it is sent through the Japan Postal Service. If it's sent through the Japan Postal Service they can forward it for free.

This last week has been excellent. As we have been striving to be completely obedient in all that we do to the instructions the Lord has revealed to us through our leaders we have been greatly blessed. We've been able to find many more potential investigators, and we have 4 appointments set up for this upcoming with with PIs. Beyond that, 2 other potentials said they will try to come to church this Sunday. We're excited to move into this week and keep working hard and doing all we can to follow the Lord's will. The mission goal that we have right now is to have 1 baptism in every zone every week. Everyone in the mission is working hard and putting forth greater faith and effort, and it's been amazing to see the results.

Things are going well between Elder Baldwin and I. We're working hard and loving it! My district is doing all right - we're all struggling a bit with finding new investigators. Elder Baldwin and I are working hard to receive blessings and help from the Lord so that we can see success. After that, I hope my district will try and follow the example that we set. I feel like that's a critical part of leadership in any organization - example. The only way that I can expect to uplift and help my district is if I am in good standings myself.

Another fun thing that I got to go to this last week was District Leader Council. It was fun to talk to all of the other District Leaders in the mission and receive some training from Zinke Kaicho and the Assistants.

I'm happy and healthy and I love being a missionary!

Elder Kyle Hutchings

Me by the church
Some Engrish from a notebook I bought at the Dollar Store

grocery store right next to the apartment

This is what I see when I look out the front door.

River by the church grows when it's rainy!

I love my mission so much. Can't you tell?