Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday, July 15, 2013 - Week 27

Mom and Dad,
So today was transfer announcements! It's crazy to think that this last transfer has ended already. 6 weeks can sure go quick. I'm going to be transferring to Takatsuki (in Osaka) and I'm also going to be Training and a District Leader. I'm not going to lie, I'm a little nervous about transferring and all of the new responsibilities I'll have as a District Leader and a Trainer (especially because I'm only in my 4th transfer right now!). But, I believe so long as I trust in God, He will help me rise to fulfill my callings.
Great to hear about all of the missionary comings and goings. Wow, Josh Randolph returned? Time flies! Matt is going to the MTC on Wednesday? Holy Cow! Ganbatte Matt Stevens!

This week has been all right. It's been hot hot hot. Very humid and very hot. But dendo has still been great. On Saturday we went to go teach an investigator who lives pretty far away, and on the other side of a small...mountain? There's a good sized hill standing in between the city where we are and where he lives. Biking up and over it in a white shirt and slacks was very hot. But it's a small thing to do in order to help one of God's children feel His love and come closer to Him.
I gave another talk in church yesterday. It went all right. I feel like my language learning is coming along pretty well. Having Ogasawara Choro as my companion has helped me a lot. I feel like my comprehension has greatly improved from the beginning of the transfer.
I'm really doing all right. Besides a bit of jitter in my gut about the upcoming changes that will come with transfers, I'm really enjoying what I'm doing and health wise I'm doing fine.
I appreciate your prayers and all of your support and love.

Elder Kyle Hutchings