Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday, July 1, 2013 - Week 25

Hi Mom and Dad!

Oh man, camping sounds like it was so much fun! Nice to hear that you got to escape from the heat for a little while. It's still hot and humid here and that probably won't be changing for at least a couple of months. I don't know what the temperature is, but it definitely feels really hot. There are plenty of bugs and mosquitoes, and there's really not much we can do about it when we're out dendo-ing, but thankfully it's more controllable in the apartment.

Sounds like the Japanese culture night was fun and you ate plenty of good food. Not too surprised to hear that the natto was unpopular. I eat it pretty much every day, but even my Japanese companion I'm with right now rather dislikes the stuff. Dad, to answer your questions, we are sleeping on futons. Our sleeping room has tatami mats and our closets and the doors to the study room and sleeping room have sliding doors. In our apartment there is a good old western style flush toilet. In some places there are "squatters" but for the most part western style flush toilets are what you'll find just about everywhere. The bathing room has a bath tub and a little spot to shower to the side of it. The showers in all of the apartments I've been to are a shower head that you hold which is on the end of a hose. We typically eat in the apartment - at most we go out to eat once a week (that probably depends on the companion your with). In the apartment we make udon, yakisoba, miso soup, cha-han, curry - just simple stuff.

Things have been going well this week! We had a very good experience this last Wednesday. On Tuesday evening after we prayed I felt that we should cross the river and go to an area not too far to the South. I didn't feel like we should go to any particular place, but we both decided we should follow that impression. On Wednesday when we went out it was pouring rain and there was almost nobody on the streets, so we decided to go housing. We picked an apartment building and started knocking on doors. The whole top floor kekko-ed us. We went down to the next floor and started knocking again. When we had almost finished all of the doors, a potential investigator that I met on the 2nd of June came walking up the stairs. We both had no idea where he lived before we went there, but he lived in one of the apartments we had just tried. For all of the month we had been calling him trying to meet with him, but our schedule and his had never allowed for us to meet. He invited us into his apartment, we had a great lesson with him and came to find out that he has really been searching for something more in his life and he wants to change himself. I know that the Lord led us to meet with him. We followed the Spirit and guidance we had received, and the Lord guided us and made up the rest. It's amazing to be a missionary and be blessed to have experiences like that.


Elder Kyle Hutchings