Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday, April 29, 2013 - Week 16

Mom and Dad,

Good to hear you made it back from Hawaii safe and sound. This last week it's been really nice weather wise, but it's been getting warmer and I can definitely feel the humidity. It's been great on my skin, nose, and eyes, but it definitely can become a bother when we're out dendo-ing. It's only getting warmer from here on out too - joy! In Kochi there are some places we go housing like you described, Dad. I'm not sure if there's anything that they're called or referred too, though. But, there are also some more rural/inaka areas too that we've gone housing in.

About the letter I sent you, it was a picture drawn by one of the Eikaiwa students. She's an older lady who's really energetic and speaks a lot and loudly. She's really nice though, and she drew a picture of Elder Day and I and had everyone at class that day write a note about us to send to our parents. I thought it was pretty funny, but sweet.

It's been a good week. We've been blessed to find quite a few Potential Investigators. We also visited a former investigator who wants to keep meeting with us, and we called another former investigator who was too busy to meet before but has a yasumi on Sundays now and would like to meet.

It's been a bit concerning with our 17 year old yakusokusha. We went out to eat with him this last Friday night just to talk about his concerns and to talk to him about receiving answers to prayers. He still hasn't asked his parents for permission to be baptized. He's kind of scared of them - he says they have a bad image about religion. That, and he and his parents don't have much of a close relationship - not a bad relationship, but not good either. He also says he hasn't felt that he's received a confirmation of the truth of The Book of Mormon. But he is so solid and has so much faith. He really believes it's true and Joseph Smith was a prophet. We pray hard for him and have faith that he'll be able to receive an answer.

The other concern we have with him is being able to meet with him and teach him all of the lessons - and more importantly make sure he is converted to Jesus Christ before he is baptized. We were supposed to meet with him yesterday and Saturday - but he caught a cold and wasn't able to meet or come to church. Since he's busy with school most other days, we had planned out when we would teach him things so that he would be ready for baptism on Mother's Day. Even though these problems have arisen, we are really trying to have faith. When President Zinke announced the Mother's Day goal, it was clear it was a goal that he had received revelation about - that every area in the mission could have a baptism on Mother's Day. We trust that revelation and trust that the Lord will provide a way for it to be fulfilled. We are going to do all we can and then trust and have faith that the Lord will provide for the rest.

Lately I've been studying the power of the Atonement. I started rereading the Book of Mormon looking for and marking specific references to the Cleansing power which opens the door to The Spirit and revelation, and the Enabling power which allows a mortal man to accomplish and fulfill revelations and things beyond his own power. It's interesting to see the pattern in just the first 7 chapters of Nephi. Lehi receives a revelation, Nephi and His brothers go and do all they can working with faith, and the Lord makes up the rest. The revelation is fulfilled. It's truly how a missionary should work, I feel. Doing all we can to be obedient, clean and worthy - allowing the Spirit to be within you to guide every thought, word, and action. Receiving revelation for setting goals and finding and teaching. Acting on that revelation with a belief that we'll be able to accomplish it, and trusting that the Lord will make up what we can't do. Then, seeing the miracles that take place as the Lord gathers His sheep. It's an amazing privelege to be able to help in this work, and I hope to be able to have the faith to work miracles according to the Lord's will.

I'm happy and healthy. Sleeping well, and we've definitely got plenty to eat. Life is good, dendo is great!

Elder Kyle Hutchings