Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday, December 2, 2013 - Week 47

Mom and Dad,

It's December!  I don't understand what it means!  Time goes so fast!  

You know, as it were, if you hadn't said something about Thanksgiving in last week and this week's emails, I would have all but forgotten it exists.  We had nothing special for Thanksgiving, and I kind of forgot about it.  Anyway, we had a couple of snow flurries last week.  One hit when we were studying in the church.  It was rather cool because from the window we could see the snow start falling by the mountains afar off, and work it's way over the rice fields until it reached where we were.  Otherwise, it's definitely dropping in temperature, but it's not been too bad because most of the days have been sunny.  However, I did learn something this last week about the snow around here.  There's no powder.  It's very heavy and burdensome.  That's what one of our investigators and one of the members said, guess we'll see how it is when it starts falling more and sticking around.
This last Tuesday we had a Zone Conference at the Honbu (Mission home).  It was an excellent opportunity to hear from President Zinke and the Assistants.  It was also very fun to see and mingle with all of the people in the surrounding Zones as well.  Elder Hoshino and I were assigned to give one of the Ansho's for the beginning of the meeting.  We recited D&C section 4 in English and Japanese.  It went well and we didn't screw up.

This week I've been thinking a lot about receiving revelation and guidance.  Specifically, lately I've been thinking a lot about past experiences and fresh perspectives.  When I review past experiences and revelation when it comes to considering how to proceed, I've been found that taking time to think through what the Lord has already taught me yields solutions and opens doors for further light.  At the same time, sometimes taking a fresh look on things is one of the best ways for me to obtain guidance.  One of the best things I ever did in the MTC was purchase a small copy of the Book of Mormon.  It is without highlight, note, marking, or any such thing.  Because of that, when I search it's pages for guidance my mind isn't led to think one way and doesn't get distracted by past information.  I'm able to see things from a new perspective and my understanding is able to grow in a different direction than from where it's gone before.  The Spirit of the Lord communicates with and works with our minds and hearts in very fascinating ways.  I'm grateful that as a missionary I'm afforded such an opportunity to understand and learn more about how the Lord speaks to me.

To answer your questions about Hoshino Choro, he is from Japan from Iwate Ken.  Iwate Ken is in the Sendai mission I believe.  Elder Hoshino is the man!  We're getting along great and having tons of fun with dendo and being Zone Leaders.

I still haven't received anything package wise.  That might be because we've got MLC this Tuesday and I'll be going to the Honbu and they're just planning to give it to me when I go there, or it might be because it's just not here yet.  About the next package, if it's not too much to ask, I'd like to onegai (request) some Snickers for Elder Hoshino.  He seems to like them (gets one almost every time we go to a konbini (convenience store)).

Just a heads up, I'm probably going to be buying some more thermals, warmer socks, and a few odds and ends over the coming weeks.  I'll be using my personal funds for that, so I just wanted to let you know.

I love you.  I'm so grateful for all of you do and for all of your help and all you do to support me.

Elder Kyle Hutchings