Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Monday, November 25, 2013 - Week 46

Mom and Dad,

This last week has actually not been quite so bad weather wise - hasn't rained much and it's mostly been sunny.  The days have been mild, but the evenings are still down right chilly.  I've realized this last week, though, just how much my attitude has changed about things.  I've come to quite enjoy and love the challenges that come from things like uncomfortable weather, etc.  The more I've come to feel in my heart and let the fact that this work is about helping those around me gain Eternal Bliss through Jesus Christ, I can't help but just smile at everything and see the opportunity and beauty in it all.

It was a bit crazy this last week with transfers and all.  Eikaiwa (English class) on Tuesday night was way fun.  One of the members brought treats and we had a mini-goodbye party with the Eikaiwa students for Kawabata Choro (Elder), Uenami Shimai (Sister), and Petit Shimai (Sister).  It was a lot of fun.  I'll send a picture if I can.

On Thursday we went down to Kobe and I hooked up with Hoshino Choro.  Hoshino Choro is only 6 weeks behind me in mission age, and one of the coolest people and incredible missionaries I've ever met.  First off, he's got this deliciously smooth and low voice.  He is an incredible teacher and is loaded with stories and examples, pictures and diagrams which he uses (I'm certainly going to morau (borrow) as many as I can).  Beyond that, he is wicked fun.  He went to BYU Hawaii for a semester before his mission (he's 22 right now) and so he's full of the Aloha spirit.  He also worked at the PCC.  He is going to be the investigators Zone Leader for this transfer and I'm going to be the Training/Missionaries Zone leader again.  

Something I've been learning from Elder Hoshino is to create success.  I feel like I was good at having an attitude of creating success rather than being a creature of circumstances before, but I've realized that just this past transfer I kind of got complacent and haven't been as proactive in finding ways to more effectively move forward God's work.  It's so important that we are always striving to improve and never settle for good enough, always search for a better way and to be as efficient as possible.

It's so crazy to think that Lily is 3!  It's also drawn my mind back a year ago.  If I remember correctly, it was just before we headed over to Craig and Whitney's for Lily's party when I got and opened my Mission Call.  Odoroku beki desho?

I wait in anxious anticipation for the package!  Tanoshimi ni shite imasu!!!  Thank you so much for always sending me stuff!  If I could make some onegais (request) for the next one:  toothpaste, razors, more of the CO Bigelow shaving cream, and protein powder.  Hoshino Choro was a rugby player before so he loves working out, and I've been working out harder since this last transfer and I've been making green smoothies lately, so I think some protein would probably be good to throw in.

I love you!  I'm having so much fun and I absolutely love what I'm doing!

-Elder Kyle Hutchings

PS.  Just thought you should know Mom, little sis, Whitney and Brittany, just about every female lately who has looked at my pictures and seen you always says, "Ah!  Kanojotachi wa bijin desu ne!"  Bijin means a beautiful woman, and the kanji is literally beautiful and person.  You're all beautiful!  Love you!
One of the members made us hats.  This is how we normally look in our house until the heater gets going.  Woot!

The Eikaiwa (English Class) goodbye party!

More fun from Eikaiwa (English Class)!

We ate dinner with some members at a less active/part member family's house.  Hoshino Choro is on the far left.