Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday, June 17, 2013 - Week 23

Mom and Dad,
Things have been good here. It's been so much fun working with Elder Ogasawara. It's been quite trying on both of our parts language wise - but we're both helping each other to improve. The work is going well here. We've been focusing a bit more on finding right now. Last week 1 of our investigators dropped us, and we dropped another one of our investigators. Also, lately, quite a few of our investigators haven't been replying to e-mails and phone calls, so we haven't been able to meet with them. We've had a lot of time for finding, and we've been really praying for the Lord's guidance in helping us know where to look for those who are prepared to receive the Gospel. He's granted us a little success as tonight we have an appointment with a man we met on the street. We're hoping and faithful that we will continue to have success in finding.

I think it's still technically rainy season right now, but I'm not sure. It absolutely poured on Saturday. It's getting so hot and humid here that it almost doesn't make a difference if I wear a raincoat and rain pants - if the rain doesn't soak me then my sweat nearly does. It's getting to the time of year where it's just hot and humid and uncomfortable. I think it's still technically rainy season right now. One of the Eikaiwa students told me that rainy season came a bit early this year and I've also been told it lasts about a month, so I'm under the impression it should be coming to an end soon. We've had a sunny day or two lately. It's warmer under the sun, but it's nice because it's not quite as humid.
Yesterday after church we went out to Nankoku Shi to try and visit a former investigator. We ended up getting lost because it's way rural. We probably rode our bikes at least 20 kilometers yesterday in the humidity and heat. It was hot and tiring, but the physical discomfort is a small thing in the cause of truth and the salvation of souls.
Health wise I'm doing fine. During April and most of May I had some allergies. My eyes and the roof of my mouth would be itchy, and I would sneeze. As of late I've been doing all right. Asthma wise I haven't had any problems. All of the biking and activity hasn't bothered me at all. My joints and feet are doing fine, and I'm doing all right in general.
Elder Kyle Hutchings

P.S. Elder Ogasawara is from Hokkaido. I don't remember where precisely.
Also, last week because we went to Matsuyama on Monday we went to Matsuyama castle. I'll send you some pictures. The picture with this message is of Elder Ogasawara, which I took of him when he wasn't looking. Haha!
Elder Ogasawara

The castle - on a hill/mountain

Ogasawara Choro and I banging on a door.

A panoramic shot from up in the castle grounds