Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 - Week 7

I'm always so glad to hear that everyone is doing well!  I hope Grandma Ingrid is still hanging in there.  Tell おばあさん (obaasan)I say がんばって下さい(ganbatte kudasai).  I absolutely love hearing about Miriam and Lillia.  I'm pretty sure I've said it before, but out of anyone or anything about being home, I miss those two little angels the most! 
It's so great to hear about all of the people who are growing ever closer to receiving a mission call.  I am so excited to hear where Matt Stevens will be going!  It is absolutely amazing how many missionaries there are (even though it does for long lines at the cafeteria sometimes...haha!)!  Mission calls are truly received by prophets through revelation.  There have been a good few speakers from the missionary department in the church, and they've all related amazing experiences they've had when they've been with one of the 12 Apostles and seen a mission call assigned.  It is something that I marvel at everyday as I put my nametag on.  I have been called by a prophet of God to represent the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I know that I don't fully understand the power of the calling of a missionary, nor do I fully comprehend what it truly means to be a missionary.  But I do know that the work of spreading the Gospel and bringing souls to Christ is of utmost importance, and I try my best each day to learn how to Preach His Gospel in His way.  Being a missionary is great!
Sounds like you've got plenty of adventures coming up in the next little while.  I completely forgot that you are going to be headed to Hawaii!  すばらしいですよ!  I would say I'm jealous, でも....私は日本へ行きます!!!  (demo...watashi wa, Ni Hon e ikimasu!!!)
私は日本語がしんぽしています。けれども、いつもかいぜんできます!(watashi wa, NiHonGo ga shinpo shite imasu.  keredomo, itsumo kaizen dekimasu!)
Japanese is coming along more and more.  I'm very excited, because a group of 日本人せんきょうし(NiHon jin senkyoshi) just arrived yesterday!  It's going to be so helpful to have native speakers to practice with and to learn from!  They'll be leaving the same time that we will.
I'm still leaving on March 11, so far as I know.  I haven't been told anything else otherwise.  I'm sure I'll be receiving more information about it either this week or the next.  It's so crazy to think that in two weeks from yesterday, I'll be heading to Japan!  すごいですね?時間がどこに行きましたか?(Sugoi ne?  Jikan ga doko ni ikimashita ka?).
Today I was able to go and do sealings in the Temple.  It was an amazing experience!  I acted as a son for quite a few sealings.  The sealer had studied Japanese for 60 years and had once worked in the Tokyo temple.  It was amazing to hear him talk about his experiences!
I'm doing great, and I love you so much!
Elder Hutchings