Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday, February 10, 2014 - Week 57

Mom and Dad,

It is indeed transfers week again.  But, I'm quite pleased to report that Elder Hoshino and I will both be staying.  There will be plenty of changes in the Zone, and I believe it will all be for the better.  It is sad to see some of the missionaries who I've gotten to work with as a Zone Leader go, but I'm also glad for the opportunity to work with some new people and make new friends.

This last week we went to Kobe to Mission Leadership Council.  My companion from the MTC, Elder Hapi, became a Zone Leader this last transfer so it was way fun to be able to talk with and see him again.  It was an awesome conference, and it was way good to hear from Zinke Kaicho (President Zinke) and the Assistants.

Because there was an MLC, we planned and conducted a Zone Training Meeting this last Friday.  I think it went quite well, and the Spirit was strong in the meeting.  We decided to hold the meeting in a different area than we normally do this time around.  As such getting there and returning turned into a bit of an adventure.  Missing trains, taking the wrong bus, etc.  We got there and got back home all safe and sound, but it was definitely a bit mad getting through it all.

It decided to become winter again in Toyooka.  When we left Monday evening to stay over in another Area for MLC, Toyooka was about 9C and there was basically no snow.  But when we got back into Toyooka Tuesday evening, there was about 15 inches of snow, it was 0C and 89% humidity.  I figured the mid-winter spring break wouldn't last, but it was nice.

Things are looking really good from here on out in Toyooka dendo-wise (Missionary work).  We've got a yakusokusha (investigator committed for baptism) who is progressing smoothly towards his date, his wife became an investigator this last week and she will probably be able to get baptized on the same day he is.  We haven't yet invited her to baptism, but probably will this week.  2 other investigators who we've found over the past couple of weeks are looking good to become yakusokusha this next week as well.  Beyond that, there's a Sister in the branch who recently has become more active who has a non-member son she wants us to meet.  There are also a few other potential investigators who look good to become investigators this next week.  We've been focusing a lot on raising our vision in Toyooka, and for our Zone.  Dendo in Japan is not simple as is, and dendo in the inaka (rural country) of Japan isn't something that one can label easy, but with the Lord's help, nothing is too hard.

Elder Hoshino is my bro.  I hate picking favorites, but of all my companions so far I feel like he's been the best for me.  We really gel together.  We're both completely honest with each other about how we can improve, and we both have so much fun.  Something we definitely do better than any of my other companionships, I think, are companionship inventories.  In PMG chapter 8 there's a sub-heading under The Weekly Planning Session category about Companionship inventory.  Anyway, we've been able to do those really well, I feel, and we're both progressing and helping each other because of it.

I'm way looking forward to the package, and thank you for the birthday wishes and all.  I'm going to naku naru (becoming no more) from being a teenager.  Weird.  I hope our investigators come to church on my birthday.

Elder Kyle Hutchings

Ps.  Mom, I believe the mother of the missionary you run into at the Post Office is named Parry.  There's an Elder Parry in my zone right now.  I love him to death.  And he knows every time I'm going to get a package.  It freaked me out until he told me that his mom works at the SF post office.

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