Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014 - Exchange with Elder Donaldson

(See Kyle's experience in the previous post when he went on exchanges for two days in the Maizuru area)


I saw you email on the missionary mom’s email this morning and realized your son went on exchanges with my son this past week.  He sent me some pictures of the two of them - I’m assuming it’s him because he said Hutchings Choro during exchanges.  Anyway, our son shared a personal spiritual experience he had this past week about something he’s been praying about and while he was with your son - he said that prayer was answered.  He felt that your son was truly inspired to share insight with him to answer his prayers.  I thought I’d share that little tid bit with you.   Also our son made it very clear that Hutchings Choro was from Spanish Fork.  He did that because I grew up in Payson and Spanish Fork was always our biggest rival in sports at the time.  I haven’t lived in Payson for 26 years but my parents still live there.  It’s kind of funny that he would point that out

Laurie Donaldson

Kyle & Elder Donaldson (from Mesa, AZ)