Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday, January 13, 2014 - Week 53

Mom and Dad,

I entered the MTC a year ago from last Thursday.  Weird.

Dad thank you so much for refreshing me on that training.  As I've been doing a lot of thinking about long-term goals, I've come to remember the importance of shorter-term, and even daily goals.  I've been trying to work out a good system for setting daily goals, and the revelation comes.  I remember you told me about the 3 positives and 1 area of improvement thing I believe it was the day I entered the MTC.  I remember writing it on a green note card and then finding that in my backpack and applying it.  It was effective, and I am excited to try it again.

Along with goal setting I've been turned again lately to showing faith.  God works miracles according to our faith.  As such, if we're not showing faith daily then the power needed to move the great work will likely not be afforded to us.  Furthermore, our personal growth weakens, and we become a dull and difficult to use tool for the Lord.  Setting goals shows your faith because you're aiming to move just a little beyond what you know you can accomplish.  It's a small step into the dark, and working to accomplish that goal opens the way for the Lord to pour out His blessings and power.

This last Friday we had a New Years Taikai (conference) in Kobe.  For an hour or two before the Taikai everyone played dodge-ball in the cultural hall of the Kobe church.  It was way fun, but I came to find out just how many muscles I haven't been using.  My arms were sore from throwing, and all of the side to side movement and jumping did a number on some of the muscles around my legs.  The Taikai was amazing.  President Zinke's vision is incredible and inspiring, and we talked a lot about what as a mission we'll be focusing on for the next while.

The weather has been lovely.  Snowy, melting, more snow, freezing cold sleet, and it's snowing as a type.  I'm still on the hunt for boots.  I really want to find something decently oshare (stylish), but haven't found anything in my size yet.  I ended up buying a new dendo bag this last week.  The strap on my other bag was close to giving up.  We went to a fishing shop looking for some water proof gloves, and I ended up giving in and buying one of the bags they had.  It's bigger than my last bag, completely waterproof and very rugged.  Made by Shimano.  It seems like it can handle with ease the rigors of being a dendo bag.

Mom, the thing I was thinking I would have you send were my Saucony Hattori running shoes.  The really thin, minimalist running shoes.  I'd like to have those around for when things start warming back up in the coming months.  

Tell Vardee and Jerry hello for me.  Tell Sister Sosa hello too.  It makes me happy to think that the wonderful people I knew haven't forgotten about me.  

I'm so happy and so glad to be a missionary.


Elder Kyle Hutchings

The next few are some pictures I took yesterday.  We walked to the church pretty early because we had to leave our bikes there the night before.  We needed our bikes to go visit an investigator to see if they could come to church.  It was -2C, but absolutely beautiful.  I'm wearing a trench coat that I found in the apartment because I also left my other coat and gear at the church.
To explain why all of our stuff was at the church, on Saturday evening we went over to an investigator's house for dinner.  But, they were kind enough to pick us up at the church, so before they came and got us we had just left all of our stuff at the church with the plan being that we'd be brought back to the church and then bike back home.  But, as it were, dinner and our discussion ran a little long, and this investigator knows about our rules as missionaries, so he just drove us to our home Saturday night.