Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday, October 7, 2013 - Week 39

Mom and Dad,

It's transfers week already! I'm starting my 6th transfer already! Crazy how the time flies! I got a call from Zinke Kaicho (President) this morning and he told me I'm going to becoming a Zone Leader. I'm going to be transferring to the Toyooka area. I'm way excited and a bit nervous about the new responsibilities and the changes. But, I feel like it's going to be a fun change which will provide many opportunities to help further the work of the Lord. My new companion's name is Elder Kawabata. Transfers day is this Thursday, it should be fun!

I'm definitely way excited about General Conference this weekend. It's always an amazing opportunity to get to hear from the President of the Church and the Apostles. It will be nice to have a little time to just soak in the Spirit.

This last week was excellent. The weather has still been awesome. I feel like the work has been going really well this last week. I think my mindset has been a lot better in a lot of ways, but predominately in having a humble enough attitude to slow down, take a step back, and really try to let the Spirit guide me in all that I do. I find that contacting goes better, lessons are more powerful, and that I feel a greater sense of joy in all that I do. This last week we were blessed again to find a new investigator. He's a younger fellow who we met on the street and he agreed to listen to our message right then and there. We went to a nearby park, sat down and taught him a lesson, and came to find he's a pretty deep thinking high school student who has a lot of interest in what we have to share. It was such a fun experience, and it built my faith more that there are people here who are prepared to receive the Gospel.

Yesterday was a bit of a harder day, though. All of the people who said they would come to church didn't, and all of the appointments we had set up for that day fell through. It was one of those days where it is apparent that the Lord is testing our faith and patience. It's easy to have high faith and carry on when things are going well, but the test comes when you're doing all you can and nothing is happening. We pushed on and continued to work hard and do what we should yesterday. It was good. Oh yeah, and we also had a bit of a tremor during sacrament meeting yesterday. As the Bishop was starting the meeting the whole building shuddered and the light fixtures on the ceiling started to sway. The Bishop stopped talking and said, "Let's wait just a moment," then he down for about a minute or two. After there were no further signs that the earth was going to disrupt the meeting, he got back up and it was business as usual.

Oh, I almost forgot, I got hit by a motorcycle on Saturday night. I'm absolutely fine other than a bit of swelling on my left leg. Also I feel pretty stupid about it. It was definitely my fault. We were in a hurry to an appointment and my mind was completely on that appointment so I wasn't really paying attention to where I was going. We pulled up to an intersection with all the lights red. I saw lights turn green and I went. Unfortunately the intersection is kind of diagonal so the crossing lights for the intersecting direction were tilted toward where we were at and so it was not our light. That's kind of a problem, eh? After I got out a bit Baldwin Choro hollered at me, I noticed that I was heading toward a red light, and since my head wasn't on straight in the first place I turned back in to where I came from. By that point the vehicles that were stopped had made it to where we were and I got smacked by a motorcycle. The guy who was riding the motorcycle called me today and said there was just a little damage to his bike, but he hasn't had anyone look at it to estimate the cost. In any event, would you mind transferring a couple hundred dollars from my savings into my checking account just in case? It would be much appreciated!

I love you and I'm so grateful for your support!

Elder Kyle Hutchings